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Post  meeeboy on Sat Oct 29, 2011 3:10 pm

The Guide to kMS

So, these is the few steps for kMS.

This doesn't include how to register for a Nexon &/Or Maple ID

1. Save your Information

This is crucial

To create a character (if you didn't create a PIC) OR delete a character, you need to enter the 7 last KSSN's numbers.

You'll also have to keep all of your information JUST incase, including your whole KSSN.

2. Join a guild (You can skip this step)

There are millions of guilds in kMS, but here the guilds that I RECOMMEND.

- EllinForest

I no speak Korean, do I get banned (I don't speak Korean, do I get banned?)
No, you don't.

Can I access kMST, whenever I want?
Um, no you can't. You'll have to wait until the next term comes out, to register. There is a notice on the kMST sections.

Can I get Onyx Apples, face stompers, and white scrolls?
You can't, kMS has the potential system but they don't have the Onyx Apples, face stompers or white scrolls

Where is the English Community in kMS?
It's the Anchor Shape, called Culverin
The Guide to kMS 2chb9jl
There are Korean Players too, who play in Culverin.


Can I create a Dual Blader, because gMS has it, right?
Unfortunately, no, in kMS, it was a time limit character.
The latest when the Dual Blader can be created, was at the Chaos Update.

Where are the Legends Characters in the New Character Selection?

You can't see the Legends Character in the New Character Selection because it was blocked. It was a time limit character and was blocked a little bit after the Legends Update.

Is it possible to get NX, outside of Korea?
Yep, the tutorial will be here soon Very Happy.

Have fun in kMS Very Happy


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