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Rules of iiMapleStory Empty Rules of iiMapleStory

Post  meeeboy on Tue Nov 01, 2011 10:37 am

Welcome to iiMapleStory, please read the rules of iiMapleStory before surfing around the forums.

If you break these rules, you'll get punishments.


- Breaking a rule for the first time will receive a warning. You'll get 0 Infractions

Infraction Notices

- Breaking another rule will receive a Infraction Notice. You'll get 1 infraction for every rule you break

Temporary Ban

- Breaking 5 rules & having 5 infraction will get a temporary ban. You'll have to wait until the fortnight.

E.G: Wednesday 2nd -> Wednesday 16th.

Permament Ban

- Breaking another 5 rules & having 10 infraction will get a Permament Ban, your account can't be accessed.

1a. Hacking

Posting hacking threads here is a NO - NO! :O. This includes WZ Edits, Download Links & more.

Also if your caught hacking (Pictures).

You'll get a Permament ban, no Warnings or Temporary bans

1b. Addressing to eKMS

eKMS here is illegal to the Nexon Terms of Uses & now illegal to iiMapleStory. It uses .WZ Edits. Please uninstall eKMS because it might harm your computer.If you post a download link or caught by using pictures, you'll receives a Temporary Ban.

2. Spamming

Spamming will cause a Permament Ban. This is harmful to iiMapleStory because we've keep on having to delete threads of spam.

3. Scamming

Scamming is really, really wrong to iiMapleStory. You'll get a permament ban & an IP Ban.

4. NexonKR Account Creation

No we can't do that. We are doing an event though (Registration), look in kMS' thread.

5. Harassment & Bullying

Harassment & Bullying is also a No - No to iiMapleStory. Please don't do this. If your the victim, please post me the thread by PMing me.

6. Private Servers

Private Servers, if posted in anyway will be Permament Ban to iiMapleStory & PMed to Nexon.

7. KSSNs

KSSN is illegal to share, it is also illegal to the KOREAN GOVERMENT, so if a KSSN is posted in anyway, you'll be IP Banned & the KSSN will be locked by emailing Nexon Korea.

If worse, you'll be dealt with the Korean Goverment.

Have fun in iiMapleStory! Very Happy


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